Multi-purpose wine cabinet : a whole world of possibilities.

Pure offers optimal protection for your wine. Mature, cool and bring your wine to room temperature… all of this is possible. It is up to you to choose the cabinet features that best suit your interior.





74 - 234 bottles
All bottle sizes


Origine France Garantie Label

For every wine enthusiast, there is a wine cabinet.

Specially designed to be multi-purpose, the Pure collection allows you to find the model that suits you and will adapt to your wine storage and serving requirements.

Pure single-temperature model.

Settable from 5 - 20°C, Pure allows your bottles to be stored at a controlled temperature. Humidity is maintained at a level of around 60 - 70% and your wines are protected from vibration, U.V. light and poor air quality, which could adversely affect the maturing process.

Available in size S, M and L


Prepare wine for serving.
Pure 2-temperature model.

Divided into 2 separate compartments, each dedicated to its own type of wine, the Pure wine cabinet will bring to the correct temperature your red wine between 15 and 20°C and your white wine and champagne between 5 and 11°C.

Available in size L.

You can store up to 110 red wines and up to 60 white wines. Ideal for professionals!

Store, cool, bring wine to room temperature.
Pure 3-temperature.

1 central storage zone which can be set from 9 - 15°C / 48-59°F, 1 red wine service compartment for red wine, which can be set from 15 - 22°C and 1 cooling compartment for white wine, rosé and champagne.

Available in size L.

*The temperature of this compartment is determined by the temperature of the central zone. A difference of approximately 4 to 6°C / 8 to 11°F between the 2 zones.

Bring your wine to an ideal temperature.
Pure multi-temperature model.

It offers up to 10 temperature zones (temperature staggered from 5 - 20°C) and allows you to store in one same cabinet several colours of wine (rosé, white, red) close to their ideal serving temperature.

Available in size S, M and L


Your Pure, your style

The display of the actual temperature and humidity inside your cabinet, together with 5 visuals alarms, are there to warn you if something is not right.

A shelf for every requirement.

Our shelves with wooden fronts are fixed to store and order the maximum number of bottles, or sliding to facilitate individual access to each bottle.

If you want to change or add to your storage, opt for the display shelf which allows you to store and display your best bottles.


12 bottles


72 bottles

Because choice is a luxury.

For all cabinets in the Pure collection, it is possible to choose the size and door finish. With a high degree of customization possible, Pure also allows you to select and position the racking inside the cabinet according to your requirements.
Safety and performance

Peace of mind.

The display of the actual temperature and humidity inside your cabinet, together with 5 visuals alarm, are there to warn you if something is not right.

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