Cigar Humidor

Just like drinking a good wine, smoking a cigar is a special moment.

The cigar lover needs an essential item to develop his passion: a cigar humidor.




one size


700 to 1000 cigars


Origine France Garantie label

The art of storing cigars.

To appreciate a cigar, it must be stored in ideal conditions so that the tobacco leaves release all their flavours.

Habanos and other cigars do not like variations of temperature and humidity. Certain rules must be observed:

- Humidity must be between 60% and 75%,
- There must be a constant temperature of 15 - 20°C.

A way of life.

Cigar lovers know that the container is as important as the content so that when they come to smoke the cigar, it is a moment of pure pleasure.


An object for connoisseurs.

Keep an eye on your cigars thanks to a glass door, without compromising on the preservation of your vitolas.

Also stand out with a cigar humidor dressed in a wood-inspired or colored cladding.


Optimal interior layout.

Enjoy handling your cigars

Delicately stored individually or directly in the original box, your cigars stand in a storage drawer or on sliding shelves.

Because choice is a luxury.

For all cigar cabinets, it is possible to choose the color, the cladding and the door finish. With a high degree of customization possible, the cigar humidor also allows you to select and position the racking inside the cabinet according to your requirements.


Peace of mind

For your peace of mind, the display of the actual humidity and temperature inside your cigar humidor, together with 5 visuals alarm, are there to warn you if something is not right.

2 types of shelf

Presentation (Cedar of Lebanon)
Storage drawer

General Features

Model: CC-064V3
Colour: Nero Black / Buffle
Size(mm): 950h x 655w x 690d
Door: Black piano solid / Glass door
Capacity: 700 to 1000 cigars
Voltage: 220-240VAC, 50Hz/1
Cord: UK

Technical Features

  • Electronic regulation
  • Temperature setting range from 15 to 20°C
  • Electronic inner display and settings - digital screen
  • Temperature & humidity visualization
  • Visual alarms in case of dis-functioning
    (open door, sensor fault, temperature alarm & charcoal filter)
  • Automatic defrost


Automatic defrosting: Yes
Cold production: Compressor R134a
Warm air production: Heater
Internal walls: Stucco aluminum sheet
Exterior material: HDF (High Density Fiber) melamine-faced panels
Insulation type: Polyurethan Schaum (PU) - 48mm

Energy Efficiency and Consumption

Consumption (kWh/year) *:
Useful volume (L):
Acoustic emissions (dB):


  1. Safety - Directive 2006/95/CE
    Standards  EN60335-1: Version 5 - 2010+A1+A2+A11+A12+A13
                    EN60335-2-24: Version 7 - 2010+A1+A2+A11
  2. EMC - Directive 2004/108/CE
    Standard   EN55014-1/2
  3. Environment - Directive 2010/30/EU
    Regulation   1060/2010

* Calculation based on the result obtained over 24 hours in stand conditions (25°C / 77°F)


Unit Price: HKD 48,800.00


Unit Price: HKD 49,800.00

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