Allows you to most effectively arrange, store, order and serve your wines

Designed with improved aesthetics and fluidity of use in mind, the new structure of the sliding shelf conceals all of its technical features beneath its stylish curves. It has a soft-close device which slows the shelf at the end of travel. To hold your bottles safely and securely. The covering on the front of the shelf is optional: choose from luxurious wood or modern glossy black. Specially designed supports allow you to write down the names of your fine wines: identifying your bottles becomes child's play thanks to the elegant labels in epoxy-coated steel which fit onto the shelf.

Lighting to display your bottles

Sparkling presentation for your bottles - this is what this new range offers. A strip of light surrounding the entire cabinet bathes your fine wines in an amber halo which spectacularly highlights the inside of the cabinet… anti-U.V. lighting to enhance your bottles in complete safety.

A protective environment with low energy consumption

Although the emphasis has been placed on the interior layout, the Revelation range of wine cabinets nevertheless benefits from all of the brand's latest technological innovations. For all cabinets, it is possible to choose the function, colour, size, door, interior and exterior finishes. For an almost tailor-made product. Every detail of this cabinet is designed to offer the best possible conditions for storing your wine: it meets all of the criteria for maturing wine, just as in a natural cellar, a new sliding shelf fitted with a main du sommelier support, made of a structure in two materials which adapts to the shape of the bottle and protects it from vibration... and for even more user satisfaction, this range guarantees low energy consumption and has low noise levels, making it ideal for living areas.

Vieillitheque - Single temperature