Pure Range

store your wine... naturally

With Pure, store your wine... naturally

The evocative and symbolic name given to all of the cabinets in this range whether they are maturing, multi-functional or serving cabinets. Cabinets that have been meticulously thought-out and designed to house your wines, save energy and thus protect our precious environment. The Pure range represents a new generation of wine cabinet. A wind of change that signifies a return to our roots, a clever balance of cutting-edge technology and respect for nature. These elegantly understated cabinets will provide shelter for your wines and cherish them in a muffled cocoon until they have reached their true potential, far from variations in temperature and hydrometry, harmful U.V. rays and vibrations... as if protected within a cozy cocoon, where the poetry of wine becomes an ode to the future.

A range of wine cabinets fridges that helps to care for the environment

Dedicated to maturing and serving wine, the Pure range, wine storage fridge, recreates the exact condition found in a natural cellar.

Furthermore, it allows up to 55% of energy to be saved compared with a conventional electric wine cabinet*. Owing to technological innovations such as a slow cycle compressor, a thicker and therefore more insulating frame and the use of R600a gas - the most environmentally-friendly gas available which is the least harmful to the atmosphere - the Pure range falls within A+ energy class**.
* cabinet in the Collection range ** solid door only

Elegant finishes which allow it to complement any interior

In order to allow it to fit in perfectly in all interiors, whether a living room or kitchen, the Pure range has extremely low noise levels and a design which is both sophisticated and contemporary. The Premium version benefits from a strip of light, which surrounds the entire cabinet with a protective amber halo, plus new-generation interior equipment, making it extremely easy to use.

Three temperature systems for storage conditions suited to your requirements

Single temperature cabinets

Recreate the exact conditions found in a natural cellar by meeting the 5 criteria essential for wine storage:

  • A constant temperature thanks to Hot/Cold double control (temperature gradient +/- 0.5°c)
  • Suitable humidity levels thanks to the Hygro + system and embossed aluminium walls
  • A permanent ventilation system ensured by breather effect
  • U.V. protection, guaranteed for both the solid door and glass door which has highly effective U.V. screening
  • Protection from vibrations thanks to the compressor, separated from the cabinet body
V-PURE-SHK$ 42,100.00
5 sliding shelves (ACMS)
Full glass door V2
V-PURE-MHK$ 50,600.00
10 sliding shelves (ACMS)
Full glass door V2
V-PURE-LHK$ 55,800.00
14 sliding shelves (ACMS)
Full glass door V2

The ‘‘3’’ temperature cabinets

Have several separate temperature zones:

1 zone for storing wine (10-14°C / 50-57°F),
1 chilling compartment at the bottom (9-15°C / 48-59°F) and
1 compartment for bringing wine to room temperature, at the top (15-22°C / 59 - 72°F).

The wine serving cabinets

Offer up to 10 temperature zones (temperature staggered from 5 - 22°C / 41 - 72°F, allowing you to have several types of wine (rosé, white, red) at an ideal serving temperature in one same cabinet.


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