A range of wine cabinets fridges that helps to care for the environment

Dedicated to maturing and serving wine, the Pure range,wine storage fridge, recreates the exact condition found in a natural cellar.

Furthermore, it allows up to 55% of energy to be saved compared with a conventional electric wine cabinet*. Owing to technological innovations such as a slow cycle compressor, a thicker and therefore more insulating frame and the use of R600a gas - the most environmentally-friendly gas available which is the least harmful to the atmosphere - the Pure range falls within A+ energy class**.
* cabinet in the Collection range ** solid door only

Elegant finishes which allow it to complement any interior

In order to allow it to fit in perfectly in all interiors,

whether a living room or kitchen, the Pure range has extremely low noise levels and a design which is both sophisticated and contemporary. The Premium version benefits from a strip of light, which surrounds the entire cabinet with a protective amber halo, plus new-generation interior equipment, making it extremely easy to use.

Trois systèmes de températures pour une protection de vos vins adaptée à vos besoins

Three temperature systems for storage conditions suited to your requirements

Vieillitheque - Single-temperature cabinets
Recreate the exact conditions found in a natural cellar by meeting the 5 criteria essential for wine storage:

  • A constant temperature thanks to Hot/Cold double control (temperature gradient +/- 0.5°c)
  • Suitable humidity levels thanks to the Hygro + system and embossed aluminium walls
  • A permanent ventilation system ensured by breather effect
  • U.V. protection, guaranteed for both the solid door and glass door which has highly effective U.V. screening
  • Protection from vibrations thanks to the compressor, separated from the cabinet body

Eurotheque - the ‘‘3’’ temperature cabinets
Have several separate temperature zones: 1 zone for storing wine (10-14°C / 50-57°F), 1 chilling compartment at the bottom (9-15°C / 48-59°F) and 1 compartment for bringing wine to room temperature, at the top (15-22°C / 59 - 72°F).


Servitheque - The wine serving cabinets
Offer up to 10 temperature zones (temperature staggered from 5 - 22°C / 41 - 72°F, allowing you to have several types of wine (rosé, white, red) at an ideal serving temperature in one same cabinet.