Simple yet expert

"Première" as in first occasion, first use, first choice. This range allows you to take your first step to discover what the brand has to offer.





74 - 234 bottles
All bottle sizes


Origine France Garantie Label
Cabinets in the Première range will impress with their bold, stylish lines. Upon closer inspection, you will notice that the handle is discreetly concealed in the side of the door. When you open the door, your eyes will br drawn to the sophisticated control panel with its glossy, opaque design. Finally, you will find a unique feature of the cabinet - the reading light, a detachable lamp built into the cabinet, designed to illuminate your bottles and show them in their best light.

In addition to these aesthetic innovations, the range features the technical performance inherent to all of the brand's ranges, the reliability of the protection alarms as well as a reinforced lock, another feature to ensure your peace of mind.

When you gently close the door, walk away safe in the knowledge that your wines are completely protected.

Aesthetics: bold, colourful lines

Cabinets in the Première range immediately win you over with their bold, colourful lines.

The colours are modern... darkest black, passionate red or satin silver. The detailed lines play with textures and materials. The handle is completely concealed in the side of the door, to achieve a contemporary finish. Furthermore, there is a reading light: a detachable lamp built into the cabinet, which illuminates your bottles and effectively displays them.


Technical: a guaranteed value

To these aesthetic innovations can be added the technical performance inherent to all of the brand’s ranges: the reliability of the fault prevention alarms and a reinforced lock are definite advantages in terms of guaranteeing the safety of your wine.

Let technology do the work for you… your wines are maturing in optimal conditions!


Protecting your bottles… and the environment

In addition to protecting your precious bottles, cabinets in the Première range contribute to protecting the environment.

Rated A ~ A+ depending on the type of door, they allow up to 64% of energy to be saved compared with a conventional cabinet (large model, glass door). And for increased comfort, their noise level does not exceed 37dB(A).


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