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Charcoal filter

Each year, replace the charcoal filter housed in the upper ventilation hole in your cabinet. A visual alarm will warn you when you need to change the charcoal filter.

Remove the charcoal filter, if necessary using a screwdriver to lever it out. The charcoal filter is available from your usual dealer. It must be replaced using a manufacturer guaranteed part.

Reset the counter log

For Compact (V1), Classic

  1. Hold on the button [ — ] for 5 seconds (for 2, 3 and multi-temperature models, the button is located to right of the casing).
  2. Press the button [ Set ] , [ Set ].
  3. Reset the counter by pressing on the [ O ]. The filter icon will then go off.
  4. After 15 seconds, the display will automatically return to cabinets temperature, or press on the button [ Set ].

For Compact (V2), Classic (V2), Pure, Revelation, Cigar

  1. Hold on the key {filter icon}, the display is flashing.
  2. Press the [ + ] key to reset to 365.
  3. Press on the key {filter icon} to validate. The alarm display will go off.

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