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For over 40 years, EuroCave has dedicated itself to creating products that respect wine and the intention of the wine producer, conveying its wealth of knowledge and passion for wine to consumers.

40 years of shared passion!

In 1975, the wine cabinet was invented: a major innovation which helped to transform a passion for wine into a lifestyle.

In 1976, the EuroCave brand was created.
Since then, its teams have continued to take stock and innovate in order to meet the requirements of both wine lovers and professionals. In this way, EuroCave has filed no less than 20 patents and been responsible for the most iconic products in the wine maturing, storing and serving market.

The challenge laid down by the company’s founders was to create a special product which respects and enhances wine, in order to allow wine lovers to make the most of their wine.

Our 500 models of wine cabinets, cellar conditioners, cigar humidors are manufactured in France in a small town in Nord, called Fourmies, the historic birthplace of the brand and also in Pont de Chéruy (in Isère).

In 40 years, EuroCave has become the world’s gold standard in terms of serving and maturing wine.

To date, over 30 million bottles have been stored throughout the world, thanks to EuroCave products.
A fact which we are very proud of.

1975: The first appliance for storing wine was invented in France.

1976: Creation of the EuroCave brand.

1980: René Martin acquired the brand and developed the production of wine cabinets at our factory in Fourmies.

1992: The family business was acquired by a group of Lyon investors. EuroCave set up its new head office in Villeurbanne.

1993: The first EuroCave store was opened in Paris.

1997: The EuroCave Company was acquired by the Qualis group of investors.

2000: A special limited-edition wine cabinet was produced: the Millennium cabinet.

2013: EuroCave obtained the first Origine France Garantie label for a wine cabinet.

2014: A wine preservation research programme was launched in partnership with a specialist French university laboratory.

2016: We celebrated our 40th anniversary and began a new chapter in our history.

EuroCave, inventor of the wine cabinet.

EuroCave has been for more than 40 years a pioneer and a reference in the designing and manufacturing of wine conservation and storing accessories, for individual wine animators and professionals.

Our "made in France" wine cabinets have different uses, from wine maturing cabinets, used to store wine in perfect conditions, to wine serving cabinets, dedicated to bringing wine to the right temperature in a short time before the service. Our prevalent multi-function wine cabinets also offer the ability to store opened wine bottles for a longer time.
For individuals wishing to design their kitchen with built-in wine cabinets or wine cooler unit, our home wine bar are quality wine storage solutions, as well as good ideas for prestigious gifts for a birthday, a wedding or a retirement present. For professional requirements, our wine cooling and preservation units are the perfect fit for a good and professional wine storage, with refrigerated wine cabinets that conservatives the essence of great wines. Please feel free to discover our different products in our online wine cabinets catalogue.

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